Pan Seared Lemon-Thyme Tilapia Loins

Pan Seared Lemon-Thyme Tilapia Loins

Take family mealtime to the next level with this quick and flavorful dish. Adding fresh herbs  to your fish is an easy way to add lots of flavor. This Pan Seared Lemon-Thyme Tilapia Loin with onions and tomatoes dish will be a total hit. Our Frozen Tilapia Loins are available at Costco, HEB and Ingle’s. You can also substitute Loins for Fresh Tilapia Fillets from Honduras and Mexico.


4 Regal Springs Tilapia Loins seasoned with fresh cracked pepper and sea salt

½ Stick butter

2 Garlic cloves minced

4 Tbl spoons fresh lemon Juice

8 Onion slices

2 Tomatoes cubed large

8 Lemon slices

2 Tbl spoon fresh thyme picked from stems

Mixed greens

Preparation: Melt butter in a large sauté pan on medium high heat, add seasoned fish, onions and garlic, allow to brown.  Turn fish and add remaining ingredients cooking until fish is cooked through about 3 minutes. To plate place the cooked vegetables on a plate with the fish on top. Add a handful of mixed greens to the plate and spoon the butter sauce on the fish and greens.