Want Your Kids to Eat More Fish?

Want Your Kids to Eat More Fish?
Chef Andrew Gruel Shares His Go-To Tips for Getting Kids to Eat and Actually Enjoy Fish


Getting kids to eat fish is actually quite simple—find a dish they already know and love, and replicate it with seafood.


Starting with dishes kids love, I focus on three elements:

  1. Handheld—Can the item be held in their hands? (Think cheeseburger, a piece of pizza, chicken nuggets.)
  2. Texture—Does it have a fun texture?
  3. Simple Flavors—Kids, like those of us with more sophisticated palates, have an innate ability to taste properly cooked food—food that has been seasoned correctly, elevated with a little acid and tastes fresh.


Tilapia Skewers

Tip #1—Put it on a stick

This is the handheld part. This is a great way to introduce other fun shapes and sizes into a seafood diet without laying down a hunk of SpongeBob fillet. Skewer some Regal Springs Tilapia pieces with carrots, tomatoes, even prosciutto and some melon. Gently grill or roast to finish.

Baked Parmesan Tilapia

Tip #2—Add potato chips

This is a great way to add a whimsical and approachable garnish to any fish dish (for kids and adults alike!). Brush a piece of simply grilled tilapia with your child’s favorite condiment (mayo, ketchup, mustard), then toss in crushed potato chips so it has a crispy coating on all sides and bake. It’s a fun spin on the classic fish sticks recipe.

Tangerine Dill Filet

Tip #3—Introduce bold but simple flavors

Cooking for kids shouldn’t be boring. Nothing makes a piece of fish more unappetizing and “fish-like” than a void of flavor. This is where we should be introducing our children to the nuance of citrus, vinegar, caramelization, fresh herbs and spice. The best way to introduce your children to seafood is by using a mild but delicious piece of fish, patting it completely dry, and either grilling over high heat or roasting with olive oil. When the fish is complete, season it with some sea salt, fresh lemon juice, lemon zest and a touch of pepper. Simple but delicious.


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