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Our Regal Springs WE CARE program aims to produce Naturally Better Tilapia by putting consumer needs first and without compromising sustainability. It is a commitment that is good for the consumer and the communities and economies in the countries in which we operate, while respecting the environment and natural resources.

Our Regal Springs WE CARE Integrated Sustainability Program covers three sustainable development pillars; Environment, Social and Economic.

But why did we name our integrated sustainability program in this way? Well at Regal Springs, WE CARE was named after listening to our colleagues, capturing their commitment and the heritage of the last thirty years where the business has operated with a socially responsible ethos. There is a strong commitment toward the well-being of Regal Springs.

We want to continue to nurture this behavior, and this is reflected in our WE CARE sustainability values.

The Regal Springs WE CARE Plan 2018-2023 has been designed with annual functional targets that aim to continue our leadership in Responsible Tilapia Aquaculture.

Our Regal Springs executive team sponsors WE CARE annual functional scorecards that must be delivered across the business by our managers and colleagues; the scorecards are reviewed on a quarterly basis for progress.

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Our Regal Springs WE CARE program is committed to caring for the environment where we farm and process fish, and to working closely with our people, communities, organizations, and governments to progress our sustainable aquaculture.

We work to manage and improve the environments in these regions and having best practices from around the world to our fish farming communities.

Our Fish for Trees project educates residents on aquaculture career alternatives to deforesting environmentally sensitive areas. We provide funding and infrastructure for reforestation projects so communities can help reverse past years of deforestation and damage.

But we also have very active sustainable development programs that focus on responsible management of all the resources we source and use.

  • Responsible Feed
  • Responsible Aquaculture
  • Zero Fish Waste Policy
  • Our Fish Processing
  • Lake Water Assurance


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Through our Regal Springs WE CARE program we work closely with our people, communities, organizations, and governments to progress our sustainable aquaculture.

Regal Springs plays an important socioeconomic leadership role within the local communities where we operate.

Our specialization to produce Naturally Better Tilapia comes from over thirty years’ experience.

Today we are the leading food producer and the largest employer in all our lake farming locations and fish processing sites.

When the people and communities who bring you Regal Springs Tilapia are healthy, happy and successful, the fish they produce for you are the best in the world.

  • Communities
    Ethical Trading Social Compliance
  • Communities
    Community & Social Programs
  • Communities
  • Communities
  • Fish Pens Lake
    Lakes & Water
  • Communities
  • Communities


We Care to Produce Naturally Better Tilapia Infographic

As the #1 producer of Tilapia in the world, we take great pride and care in our responsible aquaculture approach. It is why we measure up to the world's top fish farming and processing standards.

Please see below the commitment and investment we make in our operations, standards and people to understand what WE CARE to Produce Naturally Better Tilapia really means.

And don’t just take our word for it.

These best food standards organizations in the world verify that our Regal Springs Naturally Better Tilapia operations meet the highest international standards.

  • No Antibiotics
    Naturally Better Tilapia
  • No Additives
    Naturally Better Tilapia
  • No Polyphosphates
    Naturally Better Tilapia
  • No Preservatives
    Naturally Better Tilapia