Case Studies


KAMI PEDULI Community COVID-19 Program

What has Regal Springs Indonesia done in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Regal Springs Indonesia has responded and taken action through the KAMI PEDULI COVID-19 Program for the communities around the company’s operations. In all of these, Regal Springs Indonesia collaborated with the Regency Governments to support the prevention of COVID-19 in the local communities.

The health and safety of our communities is as important as the well-being of our employees.

We have distributed antiseptic hand soaps, material disinfectants and washing facilities.
We have provided education materials for the prevention of COVID-19, which we placed in public spaces such as the Posyandu (Village Health Clinic) and in strategic locations near company operations.

Our Community Affairs team joined the community and local government, local police and local army units in spraying disinfectant in Ajibata and Parapat.

We have also coordinated directly with the Regents in the effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through donation of face masks, hand thermometers (thermo-gun) and protection equipment for medical professionals and local clinics.

CUIDAMOS Community COVID-19 Program


Regal Springs Honduras has contributed food humanitarian aid of 6,600 pounds of Naturally Better Tilapia to support impoverished communities surrounding our Lake Farming and Factory Processing areas.


As part of the support of our CUIDAMOS COVID-19 Program, we contributed to twelve (12) municipalities (local governments) in the ​​direct and indirect area of influence, with necessary supplies for sanitation processes at various control points in the region.


An Interinstitutional Emergency Committee was formed by local government, private companies, NGOs and grassroots organizations, with the goal of implementing control points where vehicles and people undergo a sanitizing process in order to prevent the virus from entering the region.

Regal Springs Mexico CUIDAMOS Health & Education Program during COVID-19

In alliance with Mexican Red Cross, Regal Springs Mexico developed a COVID-19 Education Plan to reach our remote communities. These involved official infographics and videos distributed via social media channels as the most viable communication platform in the current social distancing restrictions.

Regal Springs Mexico also made a donation to Mexican Red Cross for supplies to attend to the pandemic in the region.