About We Care


At Regal Springs we have set a path to progress our sustainable development strategy by having a companywide integrated plan and working through this in a balanced way with the consumer always in mind. We work to the three pillars for sustainable development recognized by the United Nations: environment, social and economy, but do not just focus on one sustainability pillar at the exclusion of the others.

Economic profitability allows us to support our sustainability approach. Without repeat purchases by consumers of our Naturally Better Tilapia we would not have the revenue to invest in our people and our standards, drive our environmental management programs and run our many community programs.

In 2018, we activated a 5-year Integrated Sustainability Program, Regal Springs WE CARE, across our business. By the end of the five-year program, we want to show that Regal Springs is the best and most sustainable Tilapia business in the world and have this independently verified.

WE CARE has three core sustainability values with annual delivery programs and targets:

We Care Trio