Our Sustainability

& WE CARE Sustainability Program

Regal Springs started to pioneer responsible Tilapia aquaculture production thirty years ago when the original founder of the business was a UN aid worker.

He had a vision of developing responsible fish farming operations that would benefit local impoverished lake communities through better jobs and living standards. He also wanted to improve community awareness of the importance of environmental management by helping them develop their local infrastructure and protect the lakes from deforestation.

Respecting the environment has thus always been at the forefront of the operating mindset within Regal Springs.

We know that high-quality fish comes from high-quality water and that working in parallel to minimize any impacts on the environment is a key factor in meeting this need. Regal Springs responsibly farms Tilapia using floating cages and in lakes that are not just supported by our own water quality assurance programs but also overseen by regulatory authorities. This way we know that other lake users must also meet minimum water-quality requirements.

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Our Regal Springs WE CARE Integrated Sustainability Program is the world’s first totally integrated sustainability program for a vertically integrated white fish farming and Tilapia business. Regal Springs WE CARE has been set over a five-year period to 2023, and acts as a unifying force across the business to drive continuous progress across all our operations.

As COVID-19 continues to impact the world, we have taken proactive steps to protect those who work and live in our fishing communities. To learn more and see how we’re responding, click here.