What’s For Dinner? Easy Meal Ideas from Foodness Gracious

What’s For Dinner? Easy Meal Ideas from Foodness Gracious

Gerry Speirs, The Dad Behind Foodness Gracious, Shares Tips For Creating Meals the Whole Family Will Love!

Regal Springs recently teamed up with Gerry Speirs, the talented dad behind popular food blog, Foodness Gracious, to demonstrate the ease and versatility of fresh tilapia from Mexico and Honduras and Frozen tilapia from Indonesia.

With a background in the culinary arts, Gerry Speirs decided to start a food blog when he became a stay-at-home dad. Today, Foodness Gracious has become the go-to source for easy, family-friendly recipes to make mealtime a breeze.

Here, he shares his favorite ways to prepare tilapia and tips for getting the whole family to eat more seafood.

Green Curry Tilapia

As a mild-tasting white flaky fish, tilapia is incredibly versatile and can take on a variety of flavors. Can you please share a few of your favorite ways to prepare tilapia?

Tilapia Cioppino With Shrimp And Oregano
Beer Battered Tilapia Fish And Chips
Green Curry Tilapia With Basil And Turmeric

Where do find inspiration for your recipes?

I like to put my own spin on traditional recipes and often replace one of the main ingredients with something new. Traditional recipes have usually been around for a long time, so they’ve had time to be perfected and are therefore a great base to start experimenting with.

tilapia in parchment

Tilapia’s mild-flavor makes it a great fish to introduce kids to seafood. Do your kids like to eat seafood?

My kids adore all kinds of seafood and will knock back oysters like they were going out of fashion…true story! We have sushi at least once a week and they also love crab!

Do your kids like to cook with you? Any favorite meals they like to prepare?

My oldest child is eleven years old and usually takes care of her breakfast on her own. She makes a mean fried egg. She also loves to help with dinner. Meanwhile, my six year old likes to chop things, which always makes me nervous but he’s actually pretty good at it! He’s all about making cookies and pasta!

Any tips for parents looking to get their kids more involved in the kitchen and/or try new foods?

I definitely think if you let kids help prepare some food, they tend to at least try it once it’s cooked and on the plate. It can be as simple as cutting carrots in half or building a salad and tossing it. I also tell my kids to have at least three bites before telling me they really don’t care for a certain food.

Tilapia Cioppino

On average, Americans are eating about 4.77 ounces of seafood a week, which is nowhere close to the 8 ounces of seafood per week most of us should be eating, according to the most current Dietary Guidelines. What advice would you give to people who are hesitant to prepare fish at home?

I recommend starting with an easy to prepare fish like tilapia, halibut or salmon. Simply season the fish and bake it in the oven. Don’t worry too much about cooking it perfectly, it can go a little longer in the oven and still taste great! It should take no more than 15 minutes in the oven and be slightly firm when you gently press down on it.

What do you look for when purchasing fish? Do attributes like antibiotic-free and sustainability contribute to your decision?

For me, I like to buy seafood that hasn’t been tampered with. Fish is such a tasty food that it doesn’t need much else to enhance it. Sustainability is also an important factor. We need to be smart and take care of our planet and the amazing foods that it provides. A company that practices sustainability will earn great respect from the community, especially more so than one that doesn’t.

What draws you to Regal Springs Tilapia?

At first, I was simply drawn to the quality of Regal Springs Tilapia, but after learning more about the company, I have a deeper appreciation for what they do. Their passion and commitment to everything from sustainable practices to social responsibility should be an example for other companies to follow.