This weekend: eat well, live well

This weekend: eat well, live well

As we head into the weekend, we want to encourage you to take care of your health.  Eat well, move your body, refresh your mind.

Eat more tilapia!  There are some odd claims out there about tilapia, but the fact is that tilapia gives you high protein and virtually no fat (so it’s great if you’re wanting to build muscle and lose excess fat); it gives you Vitamin B-12 (a vitamin necessary for red blood cell formation, and celebrated for boosting our mental well being); and a mix of important amino acids and electrolytes –including taurine and potassium— for a balanced body.

See our recipe for an amazing tilapia soup that’s loaded with herbs and vegetables.
And, so that we don’t end up looking like the last guy on that sketch from The Economist, let’s get out and MOVE.  It doesn’t have to be a trip to the gym. It might just be a family walk through the neighborhood, or your own little Pilates class in your living room.

And after you’ve had a great meal and vigorous walk, find a quiet spot and read a good book — fill your mind with inspiring and challenging ideas.

Have a great weekend! Visit this blog again next week, to see updates, LIVE, from Mexico.