Thinking a Second Time, …and Discussing!

Beyond the soundbites and headlines:  let us think a second time. 

We frequently see headlines that are blanket statements about one issue or another, and tilapia is not immune to it.  In this day of easy info sharing, are we as independent people taking a moment to “think a second time” when we read a news piece? Are we asking ourselves if the opinion is based on logic and truth?   We at Regal Springs like to think that we challenge ourselves and our customers to get educated about where food comes from and what food should cost.  We also claim that we have a “zero bull***t” policy to match our “zero waste” policy (we use every part of our fish to create valuable products).   We farm fish in a wonderfully responsible way — healthy grains go into our feed which is fed to our fish who swim in spacious nets in deep and remote lakes in Honduras, Mexico and Indonesia.  Our people celebrate the stability and fairness that they experience at work, and our customers receive the best tilapia on the market!


That spirit of real, honest conversations about what makes good food is what we are hoping to find when the youngest member of our team, Lian Caspi (who helps out in our social investments), visits the 2016 Food Tank Summit in DC later this month.


We wish everyone who participates in the Summit a valuable time of uncovering the next steps in producing nourishing food in an honorable way for our planet’s population!

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