Simple, Healthy Preparations That Make Impressive Presentations

Simple, Healthy Preparations That Make Impressive Presentations

Want to impress your guests, but not sure where to start?

Culinary and lifestyle expert Parker Wallace is here to help. A little creativity can go a long way in the kitchen, as Parker demonstrates using parchment paper and toothpicks to prepare two impressive looking dishes.

Tilapia en Papillote may sound fancy, but it’s as simple as cutting and crimping parchment paper. Lay seasoned veggies on a large piece of parchment paper, top with fish and fold over remaining parchment paper, carefully crimping the edges. This dish makes a lovely presentation—the parchment is slightly browned from the oven and a waft of aromatic steam escapes the pouch as soon as its cut open. Your guests will never realize how easy it was to prepare.

The second dish uses toothpicks to create a stuffed tilapia. Parker layers a few flavorful ingredients on a fillet of tilapia before she rolls it, secures it with toothpicks and then sears it in a hot pan. While this particular recipe calls for Mediterranean flavors, a variety of different ingredients can be used to prepare this simple stuffed fish.

Here Parker demonstrates how to prepare two simple, yet stunning tilapia dishes.