Regal Springs Loins: “Filet Mignon”

Regal Springs Loins:  “Filet Mignon”

Recently a pleased customer told us that our loins (which the customer bought at Costco) are the “filet mignon” of seafood. Our loins are indeed so pure tasting that we would rather eat them unseasoned, as the customer pointed out in his kind letter,

I’m not sure how you do it but your tilapia is the only fish I’ve ever had that tastes better unseasoned – with the natural flavor coming through. My wife and I both consider it the filet mignon of fish (and we’ve tried a lot of fish).

Thanks for providing such a great staple in our household!!

Our original tagline is still seen on our [rather vintage-looking] boxes: “Spring water polished,” because the pure taste is one that you can only get when you farm your fish in cleanest, spring fed waters.