Giving Back: How Every Regal Springs Purchase Supports Communities In Need

Giving Back: How Every Regal Springs Purchase Supports Communities In Need

When you buy Regal Springs Tilapia, you’re getting a whole lot more than a heart-healthy, delicious meal. Regal Springs is a mission-driven company at the forefront of responsible developments in aquaculture. Alongside our desire to create a healthful, high-quality product, we are dedicated to fair working conditions and ensuring economic freedom for the residents of the countries where we farm our fish.

Since the 1980s, we have been committed to improving our aquaculture policies. Today, these policies are governed by our WE CARE Sustainability Program and Support Community Program. Together, these programs highlight our five pillars of support: education, health, lakes and water, infrastructure and reforestation.

Fair Working Conditions and Economic Freedom

Regal Springs got its start in the 1980s, when founder and former UN aid worker Rudolf Lamprecht began farming Tilapia in lakes in Java. From the outset, his goal was to create a company that would allow local individuals to have agency in their own lives. To this day, this remains a major objective of Regal Springs.

Our company has taken steps to ensure that the more than 8,500 people involved in the production of Regal Springs Tilapia gain access to education, with investments in building and improving schools in the often-remote areas where the fish are raised. This investment in local education encompasses everything from installing solar panels on the roofs of some schools to paying teacher salaries. The program grants children in these areas more freedom in navigating their own futures.

Regal Springs also provides free adult education to employees and their family members. In Honduras, this program has drastically helped to improve literacy in the region: in 2005, 8 out of 10 adults in the region were considered illiterate, but today, only 1 in 400 adults cannot read.

A Brand You Can Feel Good About

Beyond education, Regal Springs are also committed to improving the communities in which our farms are based. Initiatives include improving roads and ensuring a supply of clean water, as well as installing solar panels and building churches, mosques and sport venues. Our commitment to these communities extends to helping locals build their own businesses that support Regal Springs, as we offer assistance and training for independent aquaculture projects.

As a company, we are also well aware of the problematic issues that plague the regions in which our farms operate. Deforestation, for example, is a major problem in Honduras, and this issue inspired the company’s “Fish for Trees” program. The program seeks to educate local residents on career alternatives that would prevent deforestation in the area.

Consumers who choose Regal Springs Tilapia don’t just gain access to a healthy protein source to feed their families. They also put their dollars towards the development of these essential programs, allowing Regal Springs to continue to make a difference around the world.

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