From Paleo to Keto – 6 Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Hacks to Know

From Paleo to Keto – 6 Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Hacks to Know

Tackling a new diet or lifestyle change is not for the faint of heart. As many of us who have struggled to stick to a healthy eating routine can attest, the logistics are what sets apart a successful diet from a failed experiment.

It’s all well and good to be highly motivated at the start of a diet, but anticipating what it will take to stick with it is where the magic really comes into play. Whether you’re committing to one of the most popular diets of right now, like Whole30, paleo or keto, or you’re trying out a pescetarian or Mediterranean diet, there are many ways to ensure you make it past the first week.

Keep Staples On Hand
Establish go-to food items to have on-hand at all times

No matter which diet you’ve chosen, there are a number of food items diet enthusiasts recommend having on hand at all times. Utilize this wisdom and keep your kitchen regularly stocked with these foods. If you’re anticipating an especially busy month, load up on the least perishable staples in advance. Popular diet staples with longer shelf lives include:

Paleo: coconut oil, eggs, raw almonds, carrots, frozen fish

Keto: butter, natural peanut butter, macadamia nuts, cottage cheese

Mediterranean: olive oil, canned beans, frozen fish, whole wheat bread, dried herbs, eggs

Whole30: minced garlic, olives, ghee, beans, almond flour, nuts and seeds

Pescetarian: frozen and canned fish

Integrate Fitness Into Your Day

Fitting several full gym sessions into your weekly schedule is ideal for maintaining physical fitness. While your busy schedule might restrict you from hitting the gym on any regular basis, small spurts of physical activity interspersed into daily routines do add up over time, and can seriously benefit your health with little extra effort.

Integrate some of these small steps into your routine:

  • Take the stairs
  • Utilize a standing desk to avoid sitting for long periods
  • Park farther away from your destination to increase steps
  • Schedule a walking meeting
  • Clean the house

Purchase Frozen Seafood
Purchase frozen seafood for go-to fish to cycle into your diet on regular basis

Fish and seafood are top nutrition sources for those on Mediterranean, paleo or pescetarian diets, as well as for those seeking to improve their general health. Most seafood varieties are packed with protein, vitamins and nutrients.

Tilapia, high in protein while also low in carbs, is an excellent go-to fish to cycle into your diet on a regular basis. We know that convenience is the saving grace of diets, so buy frozen Tilapia fillets as well as fresh to ensure you have a freezer that’s always stocked with a healthy dinner option.

Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is crucial in reinforcing any new healthy diet or lifestyle change. Water supports the body in its many functions and drinking enough of it keeps you feeling energized and satiated. Being dehydrated can actually give you a false sense of hunger.

If you haven’t already done so, commit to making water your main drink throughout the day. Consider keeping a large, reusable water bottle on hand to act as your reminder to drink more water.

Stick to Your List When Grocery Shopping
Stick to Your List When Grocery Shopping

The concept is so simple, but more often than not, we feel the impulse to buy unnecessary items as we pass them in the aisles. Get ahead of this mentality by steering clear of aisles stocked with processed foods. Grocery shop with a planned list, don’t buy extras and—most importantly—don’t food shop on an empty stomach!

Meal Prep, Meal Prep and More Meal Prep!
Meal prep ahead of time to ensure you'll turn to the right foods throughout the week

It almost goes without saying that prepping meals ahead of time is an excellent way to ensure you’ll turn to the right foods throughout your week. Those on diets that shy away from certain food groups, like paleo (high in protein, moderate in healthy fats, low in carbs) and keto diets (high in healthy fats, moderate in protein, low in carbs) will especially benefit from meal prepping. Deciding what you’re going to eat ahead of time and having it ready to go might be exactly what you need when the bag of chips at the back of the pantry starts calling your name come that mid-week slump.

Go a step further and cook up a large batch of something that can be used in a variety of dishes throughout the week. Sauté a pot of veggie noodles to pair with alternating sauces and proteins, or prep several Tilapia fillets to feature in salads, pasta dishes or on their own with a healthy side dish.

Many diets fail simply because of a lack of proper planning. Get proactive with your diet and see the difference these handy hacks can make.

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