Easy One-Pot Meals the Whole Family Will Love

Easy One-Pot Meals the Whole Family Will Love
 Whether you prefer a time-honored Dutch oven or a trendy pressure cooker, making dinner is easy when it’s all in one pot. Not only do one-pot meals take the work out of cooking, but they also leave you with only minimal dishes to clean once it’s all said and done.

They’re so easy to cook that we can’t resist sharing a few of our favorite one-pot wonders, all featuring Tilapia as their main ingredient. Since Tilapia is a lean fish (and therefore easy to overcook), these recipes have it added to the pot at the last minute, after other ingredients have simmered, so that the fish stays moist, flaky and tender.

1. Tilapia Chipotle Ramen Soup
Tilapia Chipotle Ramen Soup from Regal Springs

Tilapia’s naturally mild flavor works perfectly in this Japanese-Mexican fusion recipe. The soup has a simple chicken-stock base that’s spiced with both chipotle powder and chipotle hot sauce. Corn, ramen noodles and tomatoes add substance, and a sprinkling of pepitas lends some welcome crunch. Though this recipe technically calls for grilled Tilapia, you can easily turn it into a one-pot meal by searing the Tilapia in a Dutch oven and then setting it aside while you make the soup. Just toss it back in a few minutes before you’re ready to serve.

Try the recipe: Tilapia Chipotle Ramen Soup

2. Tilapia Posole
Tilapia Posole from Regal Springs

This classic stew from Mexico gets its name from the hominy that makes up its base. Our version uses chipotle peppers, tomatoes, garlic and onions to add richness and flavor, while pinto beans and Tilapia bring protein to the party. Cut back on dirty dishes by using an immersion blender instead of a stand blender to create the smooth tomato and chili paste.

Try the recipe: Tilapia Posole

3. Mediterranean Tilapia
Mediterranean style baked fish with vegetables in casserole

Preparing this tasty skillet meal is easy! Just cook the tomatoes, olives, capers and garlic in a pan until they begin to soften, then add the Tilapia and cook until it can be gently flaked apart using a fork. This saucy recipe is best served with pasta, rice or your favorite crusty bread.

Try the recipe: Mediterranean Tilapia

Whether you’re cooking dinner in a classic Dutch oven or setting and forgetting your Instant Pot, let these recipes be your guide. They all result in healthy and delicious one-pot meals the whole family will love.

For more creative ways to make cooking a snap, check out our top five weeknight dinner hacks.

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