CHEF SERIES: Andrew Gruel Gets Creative with Regal Springs Tilapia

CHEF SERIES: Andrew Gruel Gets Creative with Regal Springs Tilapia

October is National Seafood Month and Slapfish, a modern seafood franchise serving up bold, craveworthy dishes, is on a mission to raise awareness of the misconceptions of farmed fish.

Aquaculture plays a key role in preserving the oceans, as it takes pressure off wild stocks that may be endangered. Slapfish strives to provide well-managed seafood of the highest quality, straight from the source to the restaurant. When fish are raised from hatch to harvest in healthy, pristine lakes, as they are at Regal Springs, they are free of all antibiotics, hormones and chemicals, making for an overall better-tasting (and better-for-you) fish.

“Although farmed seafood supplies nearly half of all fish consumed globally, there are still many misconceptions surrounding aquaculture. In fact, many U.S. residents blindly purchase farmed seafood from overseas in countries using antibiotics when they can access high-quality, locally sourced species from responsible suppliers such as Regal Springs,” says Chef Andrew Gruel, founder and CEO of Slapfish. Through this partnership, we look forward to spreading the word that seafood can be farmed in a healthy, delicious and sustainable way—both for the consumer and the fish.”

In honor of National Seafood Month, Chef Andrew Gruel is showcasing exciting new mouthwatering menu items featuring Regal Springs Tilapia at his flagship Huntington Beach location. The new menu items demonstrate the delicious versatility of mild-tasting, lake-grown tilapia. Menu highlights include:

Regal Ramen Burrito

Crispy Regal Springs Tilapia, veggies, miso sauce, braised pork

Tilapia Power Bowl

Regal Springs Tilapia, avocado, greens, quinoa, veggies, honey-lime vinaigrette

Insanely Hot Tilapia Burger

Grilled or crispy Regal Springs Tilapia, caramelized onions, Angry Chile Sauce, lettuce, tomato

Regal Springs has teamed up with sustainable seafood chef Andrew Gruel to help spread awareness of responsible aquaculture. Together, they hope to change the way people think about seafood.