Call it ‘Modern Family’—Regal Springs Tilapia-style

Call it ‘Modern Family’—Regal Springs Tilapia-style

This is where it all begins.

This photo shows a male tilapia tending to his family’s eggs—in his mouth. It’s what male tilapia do, something in aquaculture known as a “paternal mouthbrooder.” The male fish will hold and protect the eggs in his mouth until the baby tilapia hatch.

Why is this important to us at Regal Springs? First, these fish are very much our company’s “Modern Family.” We know where they come from. We watch them grow and develop. We feed them with the highest-quality nutrition and nurture them in waters we know are pure. They grow strong and healthy so they are the best-tasting fish—and the best for you and your family.

It’s true. Not all tilapia are created equal. We’re proud to say we insist on that.

We study the lives and the life cycles of our fish. We work to improve their surroundings and keep their environment pristine. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tilapia fish, of course, do what comes naturally, including the work of protecting the next generation from the very start. We see this picture and think about seeds being planted and the promise to serve you with healthy food.

We also see themes of responsibility and continuity. Careful stewardship is the best way to ensure a healthy future for our fish, for you and for Regal Springs.

It’s how we bring you the best tilapia in the world.