ASC PRESS RELEASE – Regal Springs Tilapia

ASC’s new consumer label for responsibly farmed fish
Utrecht, April 17, 2012 ␣ Today, the ASC’s consumer label for responsibly farmed seafood was presented. The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) manages standards for responsible aquaculture. Products bearing the ASC label come from fish farms that have met these standards. The on-pack label demonstrates to consumers that their seafood comes from farms that limit their impacts on the environment and the community. Consumers can from now on easily make a conscious choice to purchase responsibly farmed seafood.
The ASC label is complimentary to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) label; which is used on certified and sustainably wild caught fish. With the introduction of the ASC certification program for farmed seafood, an important step is made towards being able to credibly demonstrate to consumers that all fish sold comes from producers who have worked to limit their impact on the environment. And for ASC products, producers have also demonstrated social responsibility towards their workforce. At present, half of all the seafood consumed is farmed and often more farmed seafood is sold through retail than wild caught.
The first species to be awarded the ASC label will very likely be tilapia and audits are already planned for farms in Indonesia and Honduras. Later in the summer, the ASC label will be present on the packaging of tilapia in various supermarkets in Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Denmark and England.