We are actively replanting one of the Earth’s most important assets: forests.

In Honduras we have replanted thousands of trees, encouraging local schools to join the effort by letting children physically plant the trees which will be such an important resource in their futures.

In addition, our Honduran Fish for Trees program was established 1999. This strategic alliance led by the Watershed Unit of ENEE, Aquafinca, the communities, and other organized groups (the Association of Fishermen, Livestock, Rural Banks, Trusts), exists for the protection and conservation of the forests of El Cajon dam. It aims to provide funds to organized groups and their communities as a reward for the care of the assigned forest plots. 

Funds are invested in:construction and repair of school rooms, contributions to potable water systems and health projects, repair of main roads, and electricity projects. This has included the protection of 22,500 hectares from deforestation.

In Lubuk Naga, Sumatra, we have also have a tree replanting scheme. And to further offset our own carbon footprint from our facilities, the founder of Regal Springs planted 250,000 trees in Iceland in 2009.